Street Photography and Oxford

Street photography and Oxford are a pretty good match. The Streets are usually busy enough to give you plenty of subjects to work with, but remember to limit yourself.

Oxford is great for street photography, with its more relaxed pace and varied environments there is always something to shoot in a surrounding which is sure to add to the shot. However, even though Oxford is a small city with a lot of photographic opportunities I think its best to limit yourself.

To limit myself I tend to keep myself to old Oxford. It lets me shoot across a fairly large area that tends to get a lot of people and events passing through. Not to mention the old buildings make some great framing devices and the way the light routes through buildings makes for some awesome High contrast images! But I’ll also limit myself with what equipment I’m using on that particular Photowalk. Lately, I’ve just been using a 50mm prime lens set to manual focus. It’s forcing me to work to get those compositions and to really get better with manual focus.

Without limitations, we can’t really improve, and it’s definitely helping me out with the craft.

With street photography and Oxford, limitations are what will make the difference in whether or not your shot is successful. Sure you can come out with all your gear but thanks to Oxfords unique environment and people odds are if you’re in the middle of switching lenses to use the “perfect one,” for the shot you’re going to miss it and it won’t come back. So use a lens which makes you work and think more about how you’ll use it to get the shot and take full advantage of the relaxed feeling city.

To see some of the images I get from Oxford take a look at my street portfolio.

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