Oxford Pride Street Photography

Oxford Pride 2019 was the first pride event I’ve seen. Which is surprising seen as I live in a city which is more than open with its support for the LGBT+ community. This was my first time shooting this kind of event. So I decided to keep to my strengths capturing images of interesting individuals. Here are some of my thoughts on Oxford Pride Street Photography.

Like everyday street photography, parades leave you next to no control over the environment and subjects you have to work with. The only difference is that it’s happening 10x faster with a lot more people flowing through an area. So you’d guess that it would make it hard to pick out which subjects and compositions work. That wasn’t an issue at Oxford Pride. With so many unique and interesting individuals flowing as a crowd, Oxford pride street photography offered loads of interesting compositions.

Oxford Pride is an event where individuality is celebrated as much as a community (or at least that’s how it came across.) Which makes for some great candid portraits from a variety of different people. Something which I love to capture in my images and I hope I got across!

The real challenge with parades I found is the speed you have to work at to capture the images. As soon as you take a shot you don’t really have time to review it as you need to set up for the next shot. This is very different from how I usually work. I tend to find an interesting location, then wait for the subject. Taking a few shots in that location to make sure I’m getting something I like. Oxford Pride street photography, however, made me think quickly about the shots I was taking, or hoping to take. You have to think ahead when you pick a subject and estimate where they are going to be and guess what they may be doing as you want to tell part of the story of the area.

Here are some of my favourite images from Oxford Pride this year:

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